All rooms are identical in their internal design to make sure all guests have the same amount of stimulation and space.  They are designed with two cats sharing in mind and are ideally suited to those who want more space or are staying for longer periods.  Many of our guests already are two and three cat households due to the space they have.

Multi-layered Play & Sleep

By adding more levels than required we meet the higher standards but more importantly give the guests so many choices of where to sit whether they like to sit high and watch the outside world go by or sit high and be nosy with their neighbours.  Lower levels especially in the bedroom areas suit those who are a little more timid.  Both bedroom and run areas have lots of space and choice 

Scratching and Rubbing Posts

Reusable scratch posts in the runs and the bedroom areas have already proved popular.  They have been scratched and rubbed on by so many of our cheeky guests.

Toys and Entertainment

We always encourage owners to bring as much of their own bedding and toys to make their cats feel at home.  We also provide toys for our guests and give plenty of time to play and stimulate their hunting instinct.

Hiding Spaces

As well as the lower quieter shelves all runs have two hiding holes that are proving popular.  The most popular one is by the window so that they can feel safe and secure in their hiding hole and yet still look out of the window.

Countryside Views

All rooms have a window that looks outside the cattery.  For those wanting a room with a countryside view the outside windows overlook the end of the farmyard, the countryside and the fields beyond with Leeds centre seven miles in the distance.  Stimulation from passing horses, grazing chickens under the windows and bird tables outside the windows are sure to keep the most nosy cat entertained.  For the quieter or more timid guests we have inner window views that look into the large agricultural barn which whilst activity goes on and chickens regularly sneak in is a quieter outlook to give them confidence.