Daily Rates


Inner Window View

£10 per night

One cat in its own room


Outside Window View

£17 per night

Two cats sharing the same room


Inner Window View

£28 per night

Four cats sharing two connecting rooms


Outside Window View

£11 per night

One cat in its own room


Inner Window View

£22 per night

Three cats sharing two connecting rooms


Outside Window View

£29 per night

Four cats sharing two connecting rooms


Inner Window View

£16 per night

Two cats sharing the same room


Outside Window View

£23 per night

Three cats sharing two connecting rooms


Inner or Outside Windows

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Cats sharing connecting rooms

All rates include

Quality Food*

Cat litter

Fuss and Play

Soft Bedding

Sensory Toys

Hiding holes

Wellbeing recorded daily

Updates via email or social media

LONG STAY OFFER Discounts of 10% when booking 30 nights or more.  For longer stays please contact us.

Minimum stay 3 nights

*price per night includes basic food, special dietary requirements must be provided by owner

Rates - Frequently asked questions

Can I reserve a room and confirm later?

Whilst we will reserve rooms without taking a deposit at the time the rooms will not be held without the deposit being paid.

Can I amend a booking later?

We will try and amend a booking where possible. Depending on bookings either side of your booking we may not be able to change the dates. Please check your dates carefully.

Can I book online?

We ask you to contact us by email, clicking the contact button on the website, facebook or phone to make a booking.

Can I visit Smart Cats Cattery before I book?

We encourage all new clients to visit us before placing a booking. Our cattery is spacious and you will have plenty of opportunity to observe pets in our care and have a chat. We ask that an appointment is made to ensure we are available at the time and not otherwise engaged.

My cats would prefer to share the same room.

Cats from the same household can share rooms provided they get along and enjoy each others company.

Are there any hidden charges?

Our rates are all you should expect to pay for your cat's stay at Smart Cats Cattery, however there are rare instances where you my be charged more. If we discover your cat has worms or fleas, you will be charged for their treatment. If your cat falls ill there will be charges for the vet by the vet. Obviously of your cat has to stay longer and we can accomodate them then the charge would be added.

Does the price include food and litter?

The price includes basic food. We stock Whiskas and Go cat dry food and Whiskas, Felix, and Gourmet wet food pouches. Any special diets whether grain free, medical or prescription is to be provided by the owner. Similarly if you believe your cat is a fussy eater and would like to bring its own food we will liaise with you to make sure it has exactly what you state. Litter is included. If you provide your own food no dicsount is made to the rates.

Smart  Cats Cattery

Manor Farm

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LS27 7HG


+44 (0) 7775 644236

Licensed by Leeds City Council

Licence number: 19/00567/COMM

Opening Times

Monday         1030-1200hrs & 1600-1700hrs

Tuesday         1030-1200hrs & 1600-1700hrs

Wednesday   1030-1200hrs & 1600-1700hrs

Thursday       1030-1200hrs & 1600-1700hrs

Friday             1030-1200hrs & 1630-1730hrs

Saturday        1030-1200hrs & 1600-1700hrs

Sunday           0930-1030hrs

Viewing by appointment during those hours